Filled Silt Socks

Our filter socks are the very best erosion control products. For many areas, a filled silt sock provides an excellent alternative to silt fences or erosion control wattles. It has a lower profile while still providing effective erosion control and can make your project not only more aesthetically attractive but easier to access, as well.
Filled Socks

Vast Distribution Capabilities

  • Standard Diameters of Pre-Filled Sock Include 8, 12, 18, and 24 Inch
  • Able To Accomodate Customized Lengths of Pre-Filled Sock In Addition To Our Standard Lengths For Each Size
  • Capable of Both Large, Small, and Mixed Truckload Quantities With Competitive Freight Rates
A silt sock is an effective, low-tech erosion control product for trapping harmful sediments, pollutants, and preventing soil erosion in a variety of environmental settings. Specially designed and manufactured fabric filter socks or tubes are pneumatically filled with organic and compost materials that effectively trap sediment and pollutants especially in areas with high vulnerability to stormwater runoff and erosion. These include slopes, construction sites, along shores and banks of rivers and streams to prevent pollution and turbidity. They are easily customized to fit almost any type of drainage area or watershed, replacing silt fences or erosion control wattles.

What is a Silt Sock?

Cost Effective
Cost Effective
Filter socks are a filter fabric sock typically filled with wood chips or compost through a pneumatic process that maximizes the amount of material filler within the sock. Rather than traditional silt fences, silt socks are less expensive and more versatile
Low Maintenance
Low Maintenance
Silt Socks allow water to flow through at a controlled rate while trapping sediment. This is accomplished by a filter fabric filled with organic material. The design of the sock provides intimate contact with the ground preventing water from flowing underneath and offers more protection than erosion control wattles.
Easy to Install
Easy to Install
Filter socks may be used as an alternative to silt fence and erosion control wattles. in many areas. They are flexible, adaptable, and easy to distribute and install.
Environmentally Friendly
Environmentally Friendly
The socks are filled with 100% recycled material. This filler is inert, free of seed, low in moisture content and incredibly environmentally friendly.
Better Site Access
Better Site Access
The filter sock is an effective erosion control product with a lower profile than a silt fence or erosion control blanket making your project easier to access and more aesthetically pleasing.
Many contractors are getting multiple uses out of our filter socks as an erosion control product. More versatile than erosion control wattles, our filter socks have smaller diameters can be moved from one job site to another if treated properly.

Uses of Silt Socks

Industries Exploring Silt Socks

Construction & Demo
Construction & Demo
Cities & Municipalities
Cities & Municipalities
Sediment Control
Silt socks use a filter fabric filled with organic material such as wood chips or compost that allow water to flow through them at a controlled rate, trapping sediment and other detritus. The material’s malleability creates close ground contact preventing water from flowing underneath even more effectively than erosion control wattles.
Stormwater Management
Stormwater runoff can create serious problems if not effectively managed, especially if water runs rapidly into storm drains, sewer systems, and drainage ditches. These include downstream flooding, stream bank erosion that also causes turbidity (muddiness), habitat destruction, as well as contaminated streams, rivers, and coastal waters.
Pollutant Filtration
The organic filler material used in our filter socks is highly versatile and effective in filtering and removing common pollutants found in stormwater including chemicals, sewage overflow, cigarette butts, plastic and styrofoam containers, paint & construction debris, and more.
Walls, Barriers, & Slopes
Filter socks provide protection for a variety of landscapes that are vulnerable to stormwater damage and erosion. More effective and versatile than erosion control wattles, filter socks keep wall foundations secure from the effects of water seepage. For natural barriers, the filtration and protection of silt socks is unequalled. And by using multiple silt socks on sloping landscapes, you’ll preserve the soil from being eroded and prevent crop damage due to stormwater runoff.

Silt Sock Installation


Silt Socks are flexible, adaptable erosion control products that are easy to distribute and install in a variety of environmental and outdoor settings where a silt fence or erosion control blanket would not be applicable. Filter socks are constructed from specially designed fabrics and filler that are effective in preventing erosion, soil runoff, and stopping pollutants from contaminating land and water. They are adaptable for slope interruption, perimeter control, inlet protection, and other soil configurations. You’ll find several tips and guidelines below.


Silt Sock Care & Maintenance

The following silt sock conditions require maintenance:

  • Deformation due to drive-over or dragging
    Action Required: Re-contour by hand if applicable. If not, see applicable repair methods below.
  • Sock rolling due to hydraulic force
    Action Required: Reposition and add additional stakes.
  • Loss of ground contact
    Action Required:Fill in depressions and back-grout with chips from damaged section.
  • Sediment accumulation of ½ sock height
    Action Required: Remove accumulated sediment or install a second row of sock positioned on top of or up slope of the original sock

The following silt sock conditions require repair:

  • Holes, rips or tears of the sock
    Action Required: Small holes or narrow rips shorter than 12 inches may be stitched closed using plastic zip-ties. Tears longer than 12 inches require the sock be replaced.
  • Pinch or localized diameter reduction of more than ½ the original diameter
    Action Required: Install new section of sock up slope of the damaged section.
The Silt Sock is an effective erosion control device. It’s success relies on proper installation and maintenance.

Looking to Buy Filled Sock?

If you are interested in purchasing a filled silt sock for your property, simply let us know what your particular needs are, along with your contact information and we’ll reach out to explore your situation together and determine exactly what erosion control products will work for you, from a pre-filled silt sock to your own filler machine.