Get Your Own Filler Machine

With your own filler machine, you’ll always have the filter socks you need quickly and easily available. If you use silt socks regularly in place of silt fences, and replace them frequently, buying a filler machine is the best solution for you.
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Available Types


We manufacture and use our standalone filter sock filler machines daily. They are precision made and reliable, having stood the test of time for decades.

Skid Loader

Skid Loader
Our skid loaders let you quickly and easily fill your filter socks with your own organic filler or compost. Our versatile collar attachments make it fast, easy, and efficient

Fill Your Own Silt Sock

We will provide you with our expertise, equipment, and fabric so that you may produce Silt Sock in your own area, using fabric available in the following sizes (diameter): 8", 12", 15", 18", 24" and 36"

Filler Specifications

Base Style
4 Leg Mount
Skid Loader Bucket

Auger Speed
50 ft3/minute
35 ft3/minute

8” Sock Production
80 ft/minute
60 ft/minute

Why Buy a Filler Machine?

Your Socks, Ready When You Need
Don’t ever find yourself without your filter socks when you need them. Don’t worry about forgetting to order or waiting for them to arrive.
Custom Lengths & Diameters
With our custom collars and attachments, you can fabricate whatever filter sock lengths or diameters you need as often as you need them.
Don’t Worry About Shipping
With your own filler machine, there’s no shipping delays or costs. You can manufacture all the filter socks you need when you need them.
Use & Sell Your Socks How You’d Like!
Having your own filler machine is a sound investment. Not only can you fabricate and deploy your filter socks wherever and however you’d like, but you can sell them to others who need them at your own discretion.
We make our own filler machines and use them day in, day out.
It’s easy to stand behind a product when you’ve stood next to it for over a decade..

Filler Machine Auger Attachments

Filler Machine Auger Attachments
We have several different size auger attachments depending on the size and volume of your silt sock needs. Our equipment comes standard with an 8” pipe and our attachments can accommodate a variety of silt sock diameters.
12” Attachment
Our 12” attachment is specifically tailored to promote ease of filling with smaller diameter silt socks from 8” to 12”. You can choose your attachment in collar, slide-on, or lock.
18” Attachment
Our 18” attachment is designed for filling silt socks that have an 18” diameter. You can choose your attachment in collar, slide-on, or lock.
24” Attachment
For our 24” and 36” diameter silt socks, our 24” attachment lets you fill your sock easily and quickly. You can choose your attachment in collar, slide-on, or lock.

Manufacturing Support

Volume buying of components for our company palletizing facilities gives us the ability to pass savings on to you. Everything you need from sock fabric to pallet wrap and hog rings can be shipped on the same pallet. Tell us what you want and that’s what we’ll ship.
Hog Ring Wrench
Our heavy-duty, precision made hog ring wrench is the fast, easy way to secure your silt sock to your filler machine using our hog rings.
Hog Rings, 400 pk
Our hog rings come in packs of 400 and are heavy-duty and dependable for attaching your silt sock to your filler machine
Pallet Wrap, 2’
Our 2’ wide pallet wrap is strong and reliable, easy to utilize, and comes in rolls of 1,500 ft and 6,500 ft.
Looking for Conveyor Systems & Pallet Wrappers?
Looking for Conveyor Systems & Pallet Wrappers?
We have high-quality, precision-built conveyor systems and pallet wrappers with enclosed towers, guarded motors, and no exposed cables, each offering superior performance and handling while withstanding the stress and demands of everyday use.

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